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After five years the new Deceased record "Surreal Overdose" is finally almost here! The band will have it finished and released in May 2011.

The record will feature 8 new songs:
  • "Skin Crawling Progress"
  • "Kindred Assembly"
  • "The Traumatic"
  • "Cloned"
  • "Vulture Shock"
  • "A Doom-Laden Aura"
  • "In The Laboratory Of Joyous Gloom"
  • "Dying In Analog"
It will be the first new record on the band's own label Shrieks From The Hearse Records. It has taken a long time to sit down and create this opus due to so many things in the band's camp over the last couple of years and taking care of them as they arose. Perseverance and dedication has paid off and now the songs are ready to be laid to tape. This record will be the first with guitarist Shane Fuegel in the studio, along side long time band members King Fowley, Les Snyder and Mike Smith. The style is still 100% the Deceased sound with mostly lengthy tunes filled with all kinds of styles and versed from the band's sound and musical history. The production will be handled this time by King Fowley who will also return to the drum kit for the recording as well as keyboards. The studio will be the newly overhauled Assembly Line Studios where the band did their last record "As The Weird Travel On". Kevin Gutierrez will engineer. The cover art was done by artist Raul Gonzalez from an idea created by the band. "Surreal Overdose" will be available on compact disc on the band's own label and licensed out to PATAC Records and Hells Headbangers Records for vinyl as well as the Area Death Productions label for overseas releasing. After a five year wait, expect an May 2011 release. So it's almost finally here! That my friend is the word from the graveyard!!!

Update to all the delays on this lp. The band has finished recording the new lp and it should be out in May 2011!

Check out the two tracks from the new lp below!


First appearing as suggestion it's hunched into their minds
As sickened ones gathered weak and viewed as saddened tales
It's pact to halt the living brings ones freedom down to size
As lifeless corpses turning pale decomposing on healths floor

Brought here by an illness a mass of squirming brains
This awful way of letting go lets all taboos fade away

In a mental home it's nested right down that lonely hall
A room of persons unattached to all that brings us life, sadly time has come

To the uncaring they're an eyesore to loved ones constant care
For doctors it's a challenge of what's lurking down inside, creeping down inside...

To the children they are creepy, quiet, odd, and frail
Misunderstood, misdiagnosed, what made this sickened brood?

What on earth could bring them to this awful state of mind?
What brought such hell into our world?, the strangled wheelchair sits!

We can feel the change surround them in that stare we can rely
We hide our tears to shelter them yet they see not what we see
It broods along in selective minds this kindred assembly
To adhere fresh-killed to live in the vice
Forcing minds to slowly walk the horrid, lonely path of dementia

Locked far away from all the world this kindred assembly
To adhere fresh-killed to live in the vice
Forcing minds to slowly walk the horrid, lonely path of dementia

Unknowing, uncaring they smile through it all as the doors to humanity close
It lives to kill and kills at will it waits to serve the insane

Don't let this invasion of madness around you destroy your living soul
While the blood of unknown keeps falling over us all, let it fall, let it fall!
These nightmares that haunt them could haunt you if this hell comes looking your way
You must go with your heart and prepare for what might await

This beast from hell refreshes morose and feeds forever upon our dying earth...

A loss of all surroundings, do they know that it's their time?
For as i speak a lonely soul routinely dies again

Locked far away from all the world this kindred assembly
To adhere fresh-killed to live in the vice
Forcing lives to slowly walk the eternal moving only path to hell, this hell ,all hell, in hell, real hell!!!


Within her womb sits child fear starving joyous times
It knows no smiles nor happiness a life of doom awaits
A motherly instinct is to fend and guide a child's soul
But in this woman illness reigns and terror it's in control
The traumatic, pollution of the mind

Slain fornication mass produces seeds of tragedy
An all the while an anxious spell controls attentive minds

She taunts the children placing ghouls down deep behind their eyes
Force feeding darkness teaching them that life's a place of fear
She keeps them buried underneath this precious world of light
As her face contorts her mouth upturns and creates the devils smile
The traumatic, pollution of the mind

Reclused and cruel her life goes on another victim grows
Her addiction to the dark, disturbed brings another pregnancy
The infant newborns unsnuggly settle into their creeping tombs
They'll see no sun as the canvas paints a storming, raining doom

Seeing children doomed with fear is the greatest gift of all
Tears and panic in their eyes sees her grin from ear to ear
Torment womb a living cage she wills her illness she craves insane
Bringing monsters into their blood to creep and crawl and set the tone
Tearing, ripping spoon fed terror feeds them full
You must pray for these children, the traumatic!

Intrigued by the brooding, her serving life possessions
A twitching, burning, feeling in her mind

Reserved unto her children, this eternal dark obsession
A prize that goes to she who is deranged
Feed them horror! FEED THEM HORROR
Feed them horror! FEED THEM HORROR
Feed them horror!

The created egg breaks its shell and the sample quickly grows
As its life is formed she reconstructs a cerebellum maze

Doom bludgeoned children freaked and stirred run screaming from their minds
As the devils feared from motherly ways laugh disturbingly at them all

The deranged grasp takes its hold life-crushed they wont exist
Forever love and caring ways for them just never bloomed
A motherly instinct is to fend and guide her children's soul
As her face contorts the devil comes and ends the childs life
It's too late for the children, the traumatic...

submitted by King Fowley on 11/01/2010 originally posted 01/25/2010 but lp was delayed

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