The Early Days

The very first flyer we ever did as a band. Like the early incarnation of our logo? Those stars crack me up. I love the part at the bottom "Watch for there first demo!!!". Yuk, yuk, yuk... 

Yet another one of the first flyer's we ever did as a band. Doug did this one. The song "After The Bloodshed" was the first official song we ever did (technically, the first song we wrote was called "Death Of Christ", but that never went anywhere). Originally named "Godspeed", "After The Bloodshed" was something Doug wrote and King put the lyrics to. This song and another one from our first demo "Eaten By Disease" were the only two originals on our first release to all the tape traders of the underground, a rehearsal tape called "Deceased - Stoned As Shit!!".

One of our early flyers

Yet another one of our earlier attempts at a logo

Information submitted by Mark Adams